TISIC IZIEB is a puzzle game created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #37. Push and pull furniture with your telekinesis skills and find your way to the exit of the room.

WEBGL build has worse graphics quality. For full experience download windows or mac build.

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Published34 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
TagsIsometric, low-poly, ludum-dare, Ludum Dare 37, unity
Player countSingleplayer




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Great game, I like the animations

Good graphics, good game play, good colors, good game, good job ! :)

Hey! We played your game over at our new youtube channel. Loved it!

Thanks! :)


Great style and very enjoyable to play.


Absolutely love the style. Voxels, smooth animation, and beautiful particle effects. Good job!

Super fun puzzle game. I just wish there was more levels in it! I am a new youtuber and i took a look at the game. I found the game really enjoyable and it was very relaxing to play!

What did you use for the pathfinding?

A* algorithm. My own implementation.

This is a very interesting and super unique puzzle game! Haven't seen anything like it, then again puzzle games aren't my cup of tea!

Looks nice :)

Why didn't you published in Mac App Store?

really great game. What were you using for the bloom/glow? Did you animate those particles on your own? thx and nice job!

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Hi and thanks! For post processing effects I use this https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/PostProcessing and particles are just simple Unity particles tweaked up a little bit. Especially particle noise added in Unity 5.5 is used a lot.

oh cool. I haven't tried particle noise yet.


Really cool game! Really great polish for a 48 Jam, good work!


This is really good. Make mobile versions and profit :)

I got to play, really nice work. Polished, it stands out with its looks. I wish there were more rooms. :)